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Are Florida courts more likely to award custody / time-sharing to mothers than to fathers?

Video Transcript:

We have a level playing field when it comes to custody rights regarding children in Florida. A mother has just as much likelihood as a father of being designated as a parent with majority time sharing or a larger percentage of the time sharing time that's available than the other parent, but so does a father.

Unique circumstances of your case will dictate whether or not you are more or less likely to have an equal time sharing arrangement, or a majority time sharing arrangement depending on how, number one, people have allocated their time sharing duties at home during the course of the relationship, and number two, the availability of each party to either continue as a parent with majority time sharing.

Work responsibilities, schooling, and the needs of the children will all impact how a time sharing arrangement is ultimately worked out, but each parent has an equal shot at becoming an equal time sharing parent or a majority time sharing parent, depending on their unique circumstances.

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