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South Florida FAMILY LAW Lawyers

The Law Office of Scott Glassman, P.A. is ready to protect your rights, your finances, and your family during your Florida divorce. Our legal team has more than six decades of combined legal experience handling divorces, and each of our veteran attorneys is more than capable of assisting you in obtaining the right outcome. If you are facing the prospect of divorce in South Florida or anywhere across the state, the Law Office of Scott Glassman, P.A. is ready to fight for you.

Seasoned Divorce Attorneys Ready to Fight For Your Rights

At the Law Office of Scott Glassman, P.A., our experienced divorce lawyers are ready to bring their decades of combined experience to bear in protecting your rights. We will help you prepare for your divorce, gather necessary evidence, file your divorce petition, retain relevant expert witnesses when necessary, negotiate on your behalf in mediation or settlement talks, file and argue motions on your behalf in Court, and take your case through trial and beyond. If there is a way to get you a good result before or during the pendency of your case, we will help you find it. If setttlement is not possible, our zealous family law trial team will fight for your rights at trial.

The talented divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Scott Glassman, P.A. offer full-service divorce representation, offering advice, assistance, and representation concerning all aspects of your divorce. We will advocate for you in all divorce-related matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Child support
  • Parenting Matters and Timesharing
  • Equitable division of property
  • Alimony/spousal support/spousal maintenance
  • Mediation and collaborative divorce
  • Separation agreements
  • High-asset divorces

Grounds for Divorce in Florida

Florida is a pure no-fault divorce state. That means that not only do you not need to allege fault in order to obtain a divorce; Florida law does not require that you prove grounds like adultery or cruelty. You simply need to have a marriage that has suffered irretrievable breakdown which simply means at least one party states they no longer wish to be married.

In addition to the stated ground, to obtain a divorce the petitioner must satisfy the residency requirement. At least one of the spouses must have been a resident of the State of Florida for at least six months before the case is filed.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which both parties have come to a full agreement on all issues connected to the divorce. That means the parties have no outstanding disagreement concerning the division of marital property and debt, child support, alimony/spousal support, or child custody/parenting plans/visitation. The parties can file for divorce and submit their marital settlement agreement touching on all issues. If all goes well, the parties can obtain their divorce as soon as four to six weeks after filing. A contested divorce, on the other hand, is any divorce in which there are any outstanding issues not already incorporated into a settlement agreement. Many cases are filed as uncontested divorces and are then settled prior to trial.

We Are Available to Assist You Even After the Divorce is Finalized

At the Law Office of Scott Glassman, P.A., we know the issues you need to address may not be fully closed just because the Court issued its final judgment. A number of issues can arise after the judgment, either immediately afterward or down the line, and our compassionate family law professionals are here to assist you with your post-divorce matters.

If the Court issues an order that makes a significant error of fact or law, harming your rights or interests, we have the ablity to help you pursue an appeal. We can also help you defend a a judgment against an erroneous appeal by your ex. If your circumstances change down the line and you need to modify your child support or spousal support obligation, or if you need to move to a new state and modify your parenting arrangement, we are here to help.

Trusted Advice and Representation from an Established Florida Divorce Law Firm

If you are facing the prospect of divorce in Florida, you need a zealous divorce legal team on your side. The dedicated Florida divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Scott Glassman, P.A. have more than 60 years of combined experience helping family law clients simplify the divorce process. For help protecting your rights, finances, and family in Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and statewide, call the Law Office of Scott Glassman, P.A. at 561-688-5006 today!

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