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5 Stars

I am eternally grateful

Scott Glassman was able to step into an emotionally charged situation and help me through it every step of the way. Scott Glassman and his team got back what is most precious to me and for that, I am eternally grateful.


5 Stars

Scott handled my case in a very compassionate and methodical way

I was looking for a divorce attorney. Scott Glassman was referred to me by a high-level attorney who works in another field of law. The firm stood out because Scott had represented firefighters in the past and had a great amount of knowledge about a firefighter's work schedule, pension and retirement monies. Scott was able to come to a fair resolution between myself and my spouse. Scott was able to finesse certain issues within my divorce. I would recommend Scott Glassman and his firm because he and his paralegal's always handled situations rapidly, with efficiency and in a very strategic way. I was able to witness Scott in an adversarial hearing and he knocked it out of the park. Scott was able to bring clarity of the law to myself in a manner that I understood. Scott handled my case in a very compassionate and methodical way.


5 Stars

Mr. Glassman is trustworthy, compassionate, and worked tirelessly

Scott Glassman has a wealth of experience and expertise in Florida family law. He and his staff guided me every step of the way in a difficult and emotional process. Mr. Glassman is trustworthy, compassionate, and worked tirelessly to meet my needs during my divorce to obtain the best possible outcome during a hard time. He is extremely responsive to phone calls and thoroughly answered all of my questions on each interaction we had. He always made sure to explain possible alternatives and allowed me as the client to make the decision based on my unique situation. I am grateful I made the decision to hire such an experienced and honest attorney as Mr. Glassman to represent me during my divorce because it helped me achieve the best outcome for me and my children. With his help, I was able to move forward in my life.

  • A genuine sincere person who cares.
  • Really great at your job. In the courtroom/mediation, you were fabulous
  • You have a high level of integrity.
  • You have a great strategy in cases based on your experience


5 Stars

Highly recommend him

Very trustworthy and utterly compassionate about his work and very responsive. Once hired he used everything available to the law and dedicated to the cause. Highly recommend him.

Belle D.

5 Stars

You will not find another attorney or firm like this

The kindness, caring, and compassion for my situation is what sold me.

The firm is made up of a great team of people who work well together and make the client feel like they are part of the team as well.

I would recommend the firm because they fight to make sure the right thing is done. They have the client’s best interest as their focus – not how much money they can make from the case.

You will not find another attorney or firm like this. The experience, knowledge, and care they have for their client far exceeds the expectations you will have.

Integrity. Because they do not place value on personal gain.

The firm has handled my matter in an efficient, productive, and professional manner. I have never walked away wondering where I stand, what the next step will be, or feeling defeated. There has always been a plan. The alignment and execution were thought out and well planned.


5 Stars

I had a better understanding of the process

I came to the firm to inquire about the divorce process. I was scared, nervous, and had no idea how to proceed, or even if I was sure this was the right path. After my initial consultation, I had a better understanding of the process. It helped me move forward and make the right decision.


5 Stars

I would recommend Ron

Ron was referred to us for an Estate claim with the state of Florida. It was quite challenging but with Ron's persistence and professionalism we endured. I would recommend Ron.


5 Stars

Couldn't be more thankful to have him in my corner

Ron was amazing. He walked me through the most difficult process of my life. His experience and compassion are beyond amazing and could not be more thankful to have him in my corner.


5 Stars

Great services, knowledgeable and tough

For both divorce and child support/custody issues, call Ron Bornstein. Great services, knowledgeable and tough, very tough! Something I value highly of Ron Bornstein is the fact that he takes a logical approach to law and does not complicate things unnecessarily. If a matter is complex he is very capable of handling it.


5 Stars

Ron followed through and got the result we wanted

Ron's representation was courteous, understanding and caring. My case was unfortunate due to legal technicalities, but Ron followed through and got the result we wanted. He is very personable and not intimidating as some lawyers can be.


5 Stars

We recommend him unconditionally to anyone

Beginning in the fall of 2019, our family faced a severe crisis. This situation was complex. It involved counselors, legal choices, health insurance issues and financial challenges. We were getting urgent advice and assistance from many sources. Very difficult and significant decisions had to be made under highly emotional circumstances. We asked a trusted friend to recommend an attorney to help us with the painful steps we needed to take to respond to everything facing our family. Fortunately, she recommended Ron Bornstein. He spent time listening very carefully to every aspect of the situation and gave us difficult but necessary advice. It was hard to accept the things we needed to do. Circumstances forced us to take action, just as he predicted. Once he began to help us, things started down a structured path toward resolution. When we did not follow or understand every part of his guidance, he was very patient and understanding. Eventually he took control of things legally. He exhibited great compassion for our situation. He was flexible and took advantage of opportunities that presented themselves in court. At every step, he made sure that we understood both the uncertainties and probabilities of our legal situation. Eventually our case was settled sensibly and favorably. Afterwards, he continued with precision to be sure that we accomplished all required follow ups and filings. It is hard to express how grateful we are for his assistance. We had never previously faced such a problem. Over a long government career, I worked closely with many able lawyers. But I have never interacted with anyone more sensitive, confident and realistic than Mr. Bornstein. We recommend him unconditionally to anyone else who may need his services.


5 Stars

I highly recommend Mr. Bornstein

Mr. Bornstein took my case in the middle of a very messy custody trial. I thought all hope of having my daughter was lost. He drove out to Okeechobee for over a year. He counseled me thoroughly before each and ever court date. My ex husband had been extremely abusive to me and I was in extreme fear of him. Mr. Bornstein went out of his way to shield me for interaction directly with my husband. He was aggressive in the court room getting previous motions overturned in my favor. He was compassionate as a person and he fought and won victory for me and my daughter to be free from all the things my ex husband wanted to have in our divorce( like not being able to move out of the county). He promptly answered my numerous phone call and explained every motion and procedure to me in pain terms I understood. My ex husband was finally convicted in criminal court of child abuse. Mr. Bornstein's hard work and perseverance lead to my daughter and I actually living a full life free from my ex husband. I highly recommend Mr. Bornstein even if the cards are stacked against you he will fight for you.


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